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allthejellies's Journal

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The purpose of this community is more B/G.

More B/G fic, drabbles, ficathons, icons, vids, and various other forms of fan art. We want it all.

Frequently challenges, ficathons, and requests will be made. You don't have to be an author or artist to participate. If you just want to read the stories or look at the pretty pictures, that's fine but please contribute feedback or your time as a beta. Don't just lurk, contribute your thoughts.

Also feel free to pimp your own sites/art/etc. We B/G's want to be 'in the know' so if you know of a Giles ficathon let the group know or if you just finished your latest fic we want to read it.

Please introduce yourself to the group when you join using the Ten Questions. This is meant to work as an actual community where we all know each other. Don't forget to read through the answers of your fellow members.


1. You must be 18 or older to join.
Sorry young’ns, but I’m just saving my ass.

2. No Flames.
This is a Buffy/Giles shipper community. If this ship squicks you then move your valid opinion elsewhere. We don’t care.

3. Be proud.
There is no need to apologize for being a B/G fan.
Yes. This is a rule.

4. Be discreet.
Please use LJ tags when applicable (fics, multiple icons, etc.). Especially ratings, some may not want to read NC-17. While others read it exclusively. Also spoiler tags are important for things like VS8.

5. Contribute.
This community can only function if all members post.

6. No Song-Fic.
Sorry, I just don't like them. (In the future I will have a challenge or two with songs involved, but no willy nilly song fic postings. PLEASE.)

7. Post Challenge answers in allthejellies.
You can also post them to yahoo groups or your own website. BUT, you must post them here as well. It's just rude not to. (At some point in the future...depending on the success of this community...I will start a website to house all the stories and art work.)

8. Sign up.
Only members can participate in the challenges, with the current exception of ficathons.

Be aware the rules will undergo changes as it becomes necessary.

Any questions, complaints, or suggestions can be made to group moderators
pixelleate (pixelleate@gmail.com) and mrsdrake (mrsdrake@gmail.com).

Link to allthejellies!
(please save to your own server...don't hotlink)

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